Pre-Produced Video:


  1. Use all Rough Notes preproduced videos for a monthly subscription rate of just $40
  2. We will provide you the code to post on your website along with easy instructions on how to do it
  3. Promote as marketing video blogs, or deploy them to capture leads on social media platforms



Digital Services Toolkit: Focus on Marketing and Point of Sale to Grow Your Business


Marketing your business today needs to be an intelligent digital experience. Thinking about the entire customer journey of engagement at every touchpoint should drive you to implement the right digital solution to represent your brand.


Enhancing brand recognition with videos can support you in gathering additional data related to insurers’ behavior. In turn, it can help you optimize point-of-sale life cycle experiences that allow you to do more intelligent targeted marketing in an effort to achieve faster growth rates.


Are you able to produce and deliver relevant content using videos? Are you gaining traction in social media marketing using digital videos to raise brand awareness? Are leads being sent to your website or social media platforms to capture point-of-sale opportunities at the right time?


Capture and Grow Your Business Today


Customization Video:


  1. Create your own personalized brand building videos and turn prospects into customer advocates
  2. Personalize your stories professionally in all types of video production, including green screen studio production and other creative graphic design studio approaches
  3. Get professional script writing targeted to your specific demographics
  4. Shoot and edit videos and turn prospects into profits