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Bad shot: Insurer says “no accident”

Bad shot: Insurer says “no accident” Edgar and Laurie Cook owned 200 acres of property in Bonner County, Idaho. The property included a lake, a cabin, and a campground. The Cooks allowed people to use the lake and campground without charging a fee, but they solicited donations to help with the property’s upkeep. For about 20 years Michael Chisholm stayed in the cabin in exchange for maintaining the property. On

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Burst pipes and bad tenants

Burst pipes and bad tenants Andrew Muldowney and Kalynn Tupa entered into a lease with John H. Mihalec for use of a single-family dwelling in Greenwich, Connecticut. During the term of the lease, the tenants left the property for a winter vacation that lasted about two weeks. The tenants were responsible for ordering and paying for fuel for the dwelling’s oil-fueled heating system but had not ensured that the heating

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Bone of contention: Was UM waiver valid?

Bone of contention: Was UM waiver valid? Aaron Stall, an employee of CVS Caremark Corporation, and Gustavo Garcia-Jimenez were involved in a two-vehicle accident on January 1, 2014. Stall was operating a vehicle provided by CVS. National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, issued a business auto policy to CVS that covered the vehicle and its employee/driver, Stall. Stall filed suit against Garcia-Jimenez and his alleged insurer, Mercury Insurance Company of Florida. He also sued

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“And the walls came tumbling down”

“And the walls came tumbling down” Martin/Elias Properties, LLC (MEP), purchased an old townhouse in a historic urban neighborhood to renovate and resell for a profit. After completing renovations on the first, second, and third floors, MEP hired Tony Gosney to renovate and expand the basement. Gosney agreed that he would dig the existing basement deeper, pour new footers to stabilize the building, and pour a new concrete floor. While

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Bad day for injured driver

Bad day for injured driver Old American County Mutual Fire Insurance Company writes personal auto insurance in Texas through managing general agents like United Automobile Insurance Services (UAIS). Francisco Hernandez bought an Old American policy through UAIS. The policy went into effect in May 2011 and listed Maria Hernandez as an authorized driver. The bodily injury limit was $30,012 per person. In June 2011, Alvin Glenn Rhymes was involved in

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