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Does collector car policy cover motorcycle fatality?

Does collector car policy cover motorcycle fatality? Michael Lentini was operating his motorcycle when he was involved in a fatal accident. Lentini’s estate sought uninsured motorist benefits under his American

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The case of the “ghost driver”

The case of the “ghost driver” In July 2017, Charles Franks filed suit against Liberty County Mutual Insurance Company seeking benefits under his automobile policy. The petition alleged: A collision

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A case of aggravation

A case of aggravation On August 3, 2015, while stopped in traffic on I-10 in East Baton Rouge Parish, Dunwoodie

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Parsing a three-letter word

Parsing a three-letter word Paul Buchanan and Egbert Wilkinson were friends and co-workers. On August 18, 2015, Buchanan purchased a

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