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Pay up or else

Pay up or else On January 26, 2017, Alliance Cab Service, LLC, submitted an application to Regions Insurance, Inc., an insurance agency, to procure a business automobile policy. The policy was issued to Alliance through American Service Insurance Company for a period of one year starting February 1, 2017, and ending February 1, 2018. Regions billed Alliance monthly for the premiums due on the policy. Regions in turn paid American

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Handyman or agent?

Handyman or agent? A pipe leak caused water damage to a house owned by Cecilia Castillo and Jorge Guillen. They hired a handyman to repair the pipe and a water restoration company to dry out their house. They submitted a sworn proof of loss with the repair invoices to their insurer, Avatar Property and Casualty Insurance Company, and requested coverage for the claim. The insurer requested the insureds to produce

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Is passenger an insured?

Is passenger an insured? In October 2012, Monika Schmidt was a passenger in a vehicle driven by her friend, Deborah Fisher, when it was struck by a vehicle driven by Robert Bromley. Bromley had a Progressive insurance policy with $50,000/$100,000 liability coverage. Fisher had an Allstate policy with $100,000/$300,000 liability coverage as well as underinsured motorist coverage of $100,000. Schmidt qualified as an insured under Fisher’s policy, which defined “Insured

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No ambiguity in UIM provisions

No ambiguity in UIM provisions When Megan Deaton lost control of the vehicle she was driving and crashed, her passenger, Chelsea Seaton, sustained fatal injuries. Chelsea’s mother, Leslie Seaton, asserted a wrongful death claim against Deaton. Deaton settled the claim for her policy limits. Seaton then sought underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage under the three automobile policies she maintained with Shelter Mutual Insurance Company. Shelter provided UIM coverage pursuant to one

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It’s an ill wind that blows no coverage

It’s an ill wind that blows no coverage On the night of Christmas Eve or early on Christmas Day in 2014, strong winds blew through the town of Georgia, Vermont, causing a partially constructed livestock barn to collapse. Commercial Construction Endeavors, Inc. (CCE), the contractor that was building the barn, sought recompense for the resulting losses from its insurer, Ohio Security Insurance Company. Ohio Security determined that CCE was at

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