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The air that I breathe Hawley resided in a rental property owned by Gary Rogowski. Hawley informed Rogowski that Hawley smelled natural gas in the residence. Twelve days later a technician from NW Natural, a natural gas company, was dispatched to the residence. The technician noted that the odor of natural gas was immediately evident upon entering the premises. The technician also noted that his gas meter indicated an alarm

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Misleading? Maybe. Malicious? No. Louis Magnano was insured under a homeowners policy issued by Allegany Co-Op Insurance Company that included coverage for water damage. Magnano notified Allegany that a water leak in the second floor master bathroom of his house caused extensive damage. He submitted a sworn statement in proof of loss, which contained a description of the damage and a contractor’s estimate of the cost to repair the damage,

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Dishing up dishonesty 3BC Properties, LLC, owned and operated four Dunkin’ Donuts franchise locations in DuPage County, Illinois. 3BC purchased a businessowners policy for each restaurant through State Farm Fire and Casualty Company. The policies had identical language and henceforth will be referred to as a single policy. In 2016 and 2017, 3BC employed Brenda Vazquez to manage each of the four restaurants. As part of her duties she was

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Parsing “pedestrian” Todd McLaughlin was riding his bicycle on a Seattle street when a motorist opened the door of a parked vehicle and struck him. He fell, suffered injuries, and sought insurance coverage for losses including his medical expenses. McLaughlin formerly lived in California and bought his automobile policy there. That policy, issued by Travelers Commercial Insurance Company, included medical payments, or MedPay coverage, which is similar to the personal

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WILD AND CRAZY Grover Bragg owned a truck that was insured by State Farm Fire & Casualty Company. In the early morning of March 13, 2013, Bragg used his truck to transport an intoxicated and delusional friend away from Bragg’s home. Bragg’s friend jumped out of the truck while it was moving. Bragg pulled over but did not exit his truck. Bragg’s friend then broke into a house owned by

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