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Bad day for injured driver

Bad day for injured driver Old American County Mutual Fire Insurance Company writes personal auto insurance in Texas through managing general agents like United Automobile Insurance Services (UAIS). Francisco Hernandez bought an Old American policy through UAIS. The policy went into effect in May 2011 and listed Maria Hernandez as an authorized driver. The bodily injury limit was $30,012 per person. In June 2011, Alvin Glenn Rhymes was involved in

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In vino no veritas

In vino no veritas David Doyle was a collector of rare vintage wine. His collection was housed in a wine storage facility in Laguna Beach, California. Starting in 2007, Doyle insured his collection against loss or damage by purchasing a “scheduled valuable possessions” policy from Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company with a blanket limit of $19 million. Doyle went on to purchase eight annual renewal policies. During the eight years that

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Hair today, gone tomorrow

Hair today, gone tomorrow DD Hair Lounge, LLC, was formed as a limited liability corporation on August 21, 2013, by principal Uche Umeagukwu. She was familiar with the LLC process because she had formed another LLC on May 31, 2012, under the name DE Hair Lounge, LLC, which she cancelled on September 26, 2013, approximately one month after DD Hair was formed. She also formed another LLC called Uche, LLC,

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Partner or employee?

Partner or employee? Mark Pilling was injured on the job while working for ACTMESS, a businessthat he operated with his wife, Sandra, that specialized in the sale, installation, and service of satellite communication systems. ACTMESS was organized as a partnership of Mark and Sandra until 2005, when Sandra registered ACTMESS as a sole proprietorship with Sandra as its owner and Mark as the only employee. In ACTMESS’s day-to-day operations, Mark

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Parsing the subrogation law

Parsing the subrogation law In December 2013, Craig Dollansky rented a motor home from Karavan Trailers. The rental contract provided: INSURANCE: Renter is responsible for all damage or loss, including damage or loss you cause to others. Renter has provided us with an insurance binder indicating that Renter has Vehicle liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance covering Renter, [Karavan] and Vehicle. RENTAL, INDEMNITY, AND WARRANTIES: … Renter agrees to indemnify [Karavan],

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