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Court Decisions

Who hit what and when?

Who hit what and when? On the evening of October 13, 2014, Jeremy Drouillard, an emergency medical technician, was involved in a single-vehicle accident while riding as a passenger in an ambulance driven by his partner, Angelica Schoenberg. Schoenberg and Drouillard were traveling in “lights and sirens mode” on their way to a service call. Schoenberg opined that she was driving less than 45 miles per hour when the ambulance

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If you can’t stand the heat: Duty to warn debated

If you can’t stand the heat: Duty to warn debated Scott and Leah Rued worked with a contractor to build a house in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. A subcontractor installed two Honeywell HR200 Model 2355 ventilators in the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system in the house’s original construction. The ventilators contained two fans, two air filters, a heat exchange core, two ventilation openings, and a motor manufactured by McMillan. The owners

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Jury verdict for injured driver debated

Jury verdict for injured driver debated On October 3, 2012, John Rentrop was driving a 1998 GMC Blue Bird school bus traveling west on Louisiana Highway 182 near Patterson, Louisiana. Rentrop had just begun his route, and the bus was filled with children. It was Rentrop’s policy for children not to sit in the last four rows of the bus for safety reasons. As Rentrop’s bus came to a stop

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Bad shot: Insurer says “no accident”

Bad shot: Insurer says “no accident” Edgar and Laurie Cook owned 200 acres of property in Bonner County, Idaho. The property included a lake, a cabin, and a campground. The Cooks allowed people to use the lake and campground without charging a fee, but they solicited donations to help with the property’s upkeep. For about 20 years Michael Chisholm stayed in the cabin in exchange for maintaining the property. On

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Burst pipes and bad tenants

Burst pipes and bad tenants Andrew Muldowney and Kalynn Tupa entered into a lease with John H. Mihalec for use of a single-family dwelling in Greenwich, Connecticut. During the term of the lease, the tenants left the property for a winter vacation that lasted about two weeks. The tenants were responsible for ordering and paying for fuel for the dwelling’s oil-fueled heating system but had not ensured that the heating

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