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Court Decisions

Oil spill spurs coverage dispute

Oil spill spurs coverage dispute Shirley Gilbody owned property that was insured under a homeowners policy with Bunker Hill Insurance Company. In 2003, G.A. Williams & Sons, Inc., installed an oil tank on the property and, at all relevant times, was Gilbody’s oil service company. Williams held a commercial general liability policy with International Insurance Company of Hannover, Ltd. The policy covered Gilbody’s property as an insured location. In April

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Nice try, but no cigar

Nice try, but no cigar Donald Ardoin filed suit on December 15, 2014, alleging that he was injured in an accident that occurred when Cynthia Price failed to stop the vehicle she was driving behind him at a stop sign. Price was driving a vehicle owned by Southern Chevrolet Cadillac, Inc., that it lent her while it repaired her vehicle. Ardoin named Price and State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company,

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Parsing jury instructions

Parsing jury instructions In 2011, Fleurimond Barthelemy was involved in an automobile accident. He had a personal automobile policy with Safeco Insurance Company of Illinois. The insurer asked him three times to submit to an examination under oath (EUO) so it could investigate his claim. Barthelemy did not submit to the examination, and the insurer denied coverage for the accident. As a result of the accident, other drivers sued Barthelemy

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Is employee’s father an insured?

Is employee’s father an insured? Micah Boudreaux worked for AES Drilling Fluids, LLC, and was given a truck to use as part of his job. On April 2, 2015, Micah was working on the water well at his house. His father, Randal, was living with him at the time, so he asked his father to take the truck and go to Lowe’s to get some parts he needed. While at

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Debating the meaning of “use”

Debating the meaning of “use” On August 2, 2014, David Hernandez, the minor son of Jose Servando Hernandez and Rosa Hernandez, was driving a 2012 Toyota Sienna van when he crashed into and damaged the home of Justin and Courtney Johnson. Before the accident, David was at the home of his aunt, Maritza Hernandez, and her husband, Mauricio Bendeck, who owned the van. At the time of the accident, David

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