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November 30
08:28 2020

Lunchtime slip and fall

Rochelle Frett was injured when she slipped and fell at her place of employment during a scheduled lunch break. She filed a claim for benefits under the Georgia workers compensation act, but the state board of workers compensation denied her claim. Frett appealed, and the superior court upheld the denial of her claim. Frett then appealed the decision of the superior court, and the court of appeals affirmed.

Relying on Ocean Acc. & Guar. Corp. V. Farr, 178 SE 728 (1935), the court of appeals held that Frett suffered no injury compensable under the act because she sustained her injury during a scheduled break, and her injury therefore did not arise out of her employment. The Georgia supreme court issued a writ of certiorari to reconsider Farr and reviewed the decision of the court of appeals in this case. The supreme court overruled Farr and reversed the decision of the appellate court.

Farr v. State Farm Employee Workers Compensation—Supreme Court of Georgia—June 16, 2020—No. S19G0447.

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